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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Not sure if this would be a roll up field, script, or automation but I am trying to combine multiple linked record fields into one linked record field automatically.

For example:

One record has multiple linked fields “Assignment 1”, “Assignment 2”, “Assignment 3”, ect. and I want them to all be shown in an “All Assignments” linked field automatically.

Is this possible?

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10 - Mercury

Hi Ellie. From your question, I might assume that these “Assignment” fields are link fields to the same table. Is that true? If so, is your issue that the table is setup sub-optimally, and you want to create that one multiple link field to the “Assignments” table without manually converting every record?

Hi! Yes, the separate “Assignment” fields are link fields to the same table and I would like to keep these for planning purposes. In addition to those, I would like the multiple link field of “All Assignments” to exist that includes all that are planned without having to manually link again, if that makes sense.

I will also be using this solution in other ways like planning email features. In that case, the separate fields are necessary to assign them in the correct order but also want a field that tells me “all features included” without manually doing both.

The quickest way I can think of would be to create a new formula field that looks something like so…

{Assignment 1}&','&{Assignment 2}&','&{Assignment 3}

Then, create your new multiple link field ({Assignments}) to the Assignments table and copy/paste in the values from the formula column. This is a one-time fix for all of your existing records.

Going forward, you will be doing multiple data entry unless you set up an automation that looks for all of the individual Assignment link fields to be non-empty and then copies them as an array (maybe?) to the {Assignments} field. I would have to play around with that to see what works but you get the idea.

Thanks so much for your help!

That’s definitely a quicker route then what I am currently doing! In the long run, I would love for it to be more automated - wish there was an easy way to “combine linked record fields” like a formula that would keep the link.

I have a feeling it could be done with some sort of script but I am not that savvy with those yet and can’t seem to find anything helpful in Miniextensions either :confused:

You could always try my automation suggestion. It would use the formula field from my first suggestion (you could hide it so that it doesn’t clutter your views) to update the {Assignments} field when all of the individual Assignment fields are not empty.

To summarize,

Trigger: When a record matches conditions (when {Assignment 1} is not empty AND {Assignment 2} is not empty…)

Action: Update record (aggregating formula field → {Assignments})

I tested this approach and it works (if you’re interested).

Good luck!

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi @augmented,
I am interested in your solution but in my case, I get a error message 'Field "ID_AC" cannot accept the provided value: Cannot modify a computed field'.

This fiel is a linked field. 

Do you have any suggestion ?  


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Is this possible to do, but actually keep the linked records in the combined field, as opposed to text?