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I have separate registration lists for a series of events we are running. I would like an automation to combine the registration lists when a new record is created, so that this list is the definitive list of all unique attendees at every event. If the same attendee appears in multiple registration lists, I would like a singular record to be created, but I would like their multiple select attendance field to say they are attending both events.

E.g. Daniel attends Event 1 and his record is created in the combined registration list table and his attendance updates to Attending Event 1. Daniel then signs up for event 2. His registration already exists in the table so rather than creating another record for him, the multiple select field for attendance updates to say Attending Event 1, Attending Event 2.

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Hi Florian, is this data being populated as one form per event or something?

Is that why we can’t have two tables, one for People and one for Events, and have them linked by a linked field? With this set up, we could just add events to the linked field, which would give you a master list of attendees, as well as which events they attended

Hi Adam,

The registrations tables are being populated by separate events in Eventbrite using Zapier.

Roger that. I assume Eventbrite is also sending a unique ID for each person? If so, we should use that value.

I would recommend using the two table set up I mentioned in my previous post and adding the unique Eventbrite ID to the People table as the primary field. We can then link the records in the Event table with this value

I would also recommend updating the Zap to do the following:

  • Check whether the unique ID already exists in the People table
    • If it does not
      • Create a new record in the People table with all the data filled out, with the linked field to the Events table being the Event’s unique Eventbrite ID
    • If it does:
      • Add the Event’s unique Eventbrite ID to the found record’s People table

If you can’t make changes to the way everything is set up, that’s fine too, but the data would be messier I think. You mentioned “registration tables”, which indicates to me you have multiple registration tables, in addition to one table that you would want to have all the combined data, let’s call this table Definitive

I am also still assuming that Eventbrite passes a unique ID per user. In this situation, I would create a linked field back to Definitive for all of the registration tables, and make the Zap put Eventbrite’s unique user ID into the linked field. Thus, if the same user ID signed up for different events, both events would just be linked to the same ID in the Definitive table.

You could then get a list of events that each record in the Definitive table is going for by concatenating all of the registration linked fields

The potential downside to both methods is that if a user changes their details on Eventbrite between signups, we wouldn’t know about it, but I’m just going to assume that’s an edge case and we’re fine with it