Condition "If field is exactly record" bugs

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I am using the following automation : 





It works perfectly fine...but not in every case.
Indeed, when the field value contains a space (i.e. "The Demons") or a number within (i.e. The4demons) it doesn't recognize it (even if that of course exactly the same value from a table to another).


Does someone have a way to handle this issue?


Have a nice day, 


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When something works most of the time, but not all of the time, it is usually time to dig deeper into the values that are having problems. 

What are the field types involved? Can you share screen shots of table values? Could there been a change in upper/lower case? Could there be leading/trailing spaces? 


These are "linked record" fields with values similar to these : 


These two precisely are not recognized, when the "link to record" value "Sparel" for instance, is recognized perfectly.

Thank you, 



Hello @Arthur_CRM 
First of all, find records of action check for exact match only. No matter what is the case(upper, lower) of text.
For example, These are examples that are not matched.
1) "Test String" and "TestSring",
2) "Test Sting and "Test string",
3) "test Sting and "Test String".

Use Automation with a script that can do that different case search and fuzzy match.
To use this you need to know some JS.