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Re: Connecting stripe to airtable

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4 - Data Explorer


I am working to find a way to connect stripe to Airtable. The use case for this is to show when a customer’s account is paid, past due, or cancelled.

  1. We have a people base in airtable that is each individual user in our system. Name, company name, emails, etc
  2. In stripe we have subscriptions that are paid and automated there. All payments are through this system.
  3. Some stripe subscriptions are an ap or accounting email but pay for 10 users in our people base.

I have tried zapier but it does not have the ability to connect the two in the way that is needed.

I am thinking I need to connect the unique stripe customer Id to the user in airtable. Not sure if this is best done through the stripe meta data. Then I would need a script to connect this meta data to the users in the airtable base.

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I use Make to connect my Stripe to Airtable. I have one scenario that I run from a button in Airtable that passes the email from my “user” table to Make. Make then searches for matching customers based on that email: if a match exists it passes the customer ID back to airtable, if not it creates a customer in Stripe and then passes the new customer ID back to Airtable.

I also set up on the Stripe side to fire an Airtable webhook when certain events happen, in your case that might be “subscription is paid”.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Make should work as Kamille_Parks mentioned, but if you don’t want to use Make because you’re already familiar with Zapier. You could create a new table for the Zap to send payment records to, and then work within Airtable’s automations to connect to your user tables. So set up the customer id field on your user table and then anytime a payment gets pushed to the payment table, you can run an automation to match them. I do something similar with a Base.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

It’s my intention to set up an automated process that sends an email every day at 12:15 am notifying security about who wants to come on-site today, as well as if they have been approved or not.

The email includes a grid that contains a list of all records that match the conditions “date of entry is today” and approval status is “not approved”.

It would be helpful if I could include the date of that day in both the subject line and the body of the email. My goal is to automate the process by setting up a formula field that gives me today’s date. I will also set up another field that formats how I would like the date to appear in the email. This is solely for the purpose of automating the process.

I have set up my automation in the following way:

  1. Send an email every morning at 12:15 a.m.
  2. Identify records whose date of entry is today, and whose approval status is not approved.
  3. Email should be sent to the recipient

As a way to insert today’s date into the subject and body of the email, I was inserting the field ‘today’s date formatted’ from the find record step in the email. In the case of three records, however, it gives me the date three times if I have three records.

Is there any way to get around this problem?

In an ideal world, I would like the email to say something like this:

The following data has not been approved:
The email reads: “People who are not cleared to attend the site on the “date” are as follows:” followed by the grid of names

Thank you very much, community!

Your question seems wholly unrelated to this topic, I would recommend making your own thread.