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6 - Interface Innovator

I need to send fields from one table to another (in another base)… I want to add ONLY those that donlt exist yet, i.e avoid duplicates.
I need to do this automatically as a required step in a MAKE workflow.

This is what I’ve been trying (and am stuck)
Data flows from Table A to Table B.

For TableB, I create a view with only the records that haven’t gone through this process, so I do not repeat the search over teh full table everytime
On this view, I run a SEARCH RECORDS module in MAKE. The output is a series of bundles.
I need to extrat only the one fied of interest from all output bundles and put them in an array.
So then I can iterate over this array with another SEARCH RECORDS to check one by one if they exist or not in destination table… then I add a record with all resulting entries which do not already exist.

This seems way too convoluted, but I’m struggling to figure out a more direct way to do it…

Surely there is a better way. I mean, it’s fairly simple: “from within MAKE, copy form one table to another only non-existing values”. Just can’t see it!
Alternatively, I could just copy the whole thing without checking and then delete duplicates (via AT extension?)…but then I’d need to trigger this from within MAKE and not sure I could do that.

Guidance is appreciated.


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