Convert adobe url to attachment with automations

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7 - App Architect


Does anyone have a an automations solution with this one? Trying to add in a Adobe URL and have it automatically convert to a PDF in another attachment field using an automation. I did try it out and this was the message I got: JavaScript is required to run Acrobat online services

I tried with a Airtable URL and it works fine, I am not savy with Java/Scripting at all.


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Hi @Scott_Gardner1, is that Adobe URL a publicly shared document? Have you tried pasting that URL in an Airtable attachment field?

There are some compatibility issues with Airtable’s attachment field and links. Sometimes the issue is also that the link is actually a download link and not directing straight to the PDF stored on a server.

When you received that message, I believe you were trying to write a script or where did you receive that message?