Count the numer of time an email adress is present

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Hello guys,

I’m new to airtable in the hope to find a solution for a serious issue I’m having.

Bascially I want to be able to send tailor-made emails to my customer based on the number of purchases they made on my website (1st purchase = email 1 / 2nd purchase = email 2 / etc.)

So to do this I’m using woocommer, zapier, airtable and my autoresponder.

At this stage I’m able to send my woocommerce data in airtable via zapier but I’m struggling to make the count work.

What I need is that everytime someone lands in my airtable, the system automatically check if the email address is already present. If it’s not the case then attribute the number 1 and if it’s the case it counts how many time the email is already present to give the right number.

Then I’ll be able to use this information to send people to the right autoresponder list using zapier again.

In excel I’ve been using countif but I’m not sure how to create this automation in airtable.

Could someone help me?

Many thanks,


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Welcome to the community, @Geraldine_Pfulg! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Here’s a rundown of how to count the number of times that something appears in a table, and add that count to the record where the item most recently appears. In my example, I’m using a single-select field, but the same can be done with any type of data, like an email address in your case. You should be able to modify the process that I describe pretty easily to work for your use case. If you have any questions, though, don’t hesitate to ask.