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Is there a way to create an automation where a new date is populated for 2 weeks later.

For example, I have my google docs linked to my airtable. When I open a new document, it creates a new record. I want my assistant to schedule that content 2 weeks from the time of writing, so there needs to be a date created. However, I want the date to only be on a tuesday or thursday.

I content bath my work for 2 weeks and that will plan next months content and the content created can only be posted on Tuesdays/Thursdays, so not exactly 2 weeks from the time of creating the record. Any help will be appreciatied!

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Here’s a formula that should work:

    {Date Created},
        {Date Created},
        14 + SWITCH(
            WEEKDAY({Date Created}),
            0, 2,
            1, 1,
            2, 0,
            3, 1,
            4, 0,
            5, 4,
            6, 3
        ), "days"

At its core, it’s adding 14 days to the date in {Date Created}. However, it increases the number 14 by a number that’s based on the weekday of the {Date Created} value. The SWITCH() function takes care of calculating the proper number of extra days to add so that the target date always lands on a Tuesday or Thursday. For example, if {Date Created} is on a Sunday—which will be a 0 when returned from the WEEKDAY() function—then two more days need to be added to get to Tuesday. (That’s the 0, 2 line in the formula: if a 0 is returned from WEEKDAY(), add 2 more days). If it’s a Monday (a WEEKDAY() value of 1), only one day is added, and so on.

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