Create a record with an image (from Slack or Telegram, or other)

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone!

I work a lot from the phone, talking with many clients and handling many projects. I talk with them with WECHAT, not with whatsapp. Any time a new task arises, I take a screenshot, and later when I arrive home I check them all and add them to my to do list


I would like this process to be done automatically. I know I can use a form in my phone for it, but I just want it faster because is a process that we do it all the time with my team.


I tried sending the screenshot to Slack and then to airtable but I couldn’t manage to send an image, the text inputs where ok, but I couldn’t do it with the image (I tried with zapier and make). The same thing happened when trying with Telegram.

Also I tried using iphone's shortcuts app, but same thing happened, text strings can be sent, images no. 

Any ideas out there? 🤖



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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

When sending an image to Airtable, you need to send a publicly-accessible URL of where that image can be publicly accessed.

You mentioned both Zapier and Make… I do not recommend using Zapier, because Make is significantly more powerful, significantly more customizable, and significantly cheaper.

If your image is not at a public URL, you will need to upload it to a cloud drive and then grab the public URL from there.

If you need help with your Make scenario, post a question over here where there are several Make experts hanging out. Be sure to upload screenshots of your Make scenario, so people can see where the problem is.