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Typeform and Airtable integration

Hi all, I'm trying to create an integration between Airtable and Typeform.On typeform, when connecting with Airtable, I can select the base and the table but when I select the table, the matching fields do not appear. (whereas it appears for my other...

JustineC1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Testing automations locally

Hi, is there anyway I can test the automation I make in Airtable locally?I am trying to hit my development server and to check/test if there is problem before I deploy the changes to another environment.I tried to use my exposed public IP,  and when ...

mrt_hyt by 4 - Data Explorer
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[422] Unknow field name - but it exists...

I'm getting a 422 error saying my column "Step" doesn't exists, but the column exists and I haven't touched it. When trying the module alone, it works. But when I run the automation and the strings are mapped, it doesn't  

Miguel_Costa_0-1718221115552.png Miguel_Costa_1-1718221412770.png

Script Automation takes longer than 30 seconds to run so it fails

Hi everyone,I have an automation that runs a script which sends a recordID to a Make webhook.Every now and then the automation fails because Airtable sets the script execution limit to 30 seconds. That makes me think that the problem is because of Ma...

liser by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Making Airtable up to date from JIRA.

I have two tables in airtable from the same project in JIRA.1 - Named: "Aurora EPICS [NL]".I made an export (.CSV) from JIRA and uploaded it in Airtable.All registers (139) and its columns (288) was uploaded: I want to update these registers from now...

NLOIA by 6 - Interface Innovator
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