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Embed code for the summary extension

Hi everyone, I'd love help finding the embed code for this summary extension. I am trying to export this number to a Squarespace site, as shown below. I can't find the option to get the embed code. Any suggestions?

Dhiresh by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Make scenario is successful but not pulling any data through

Hi, I have a Make scenario setup, but it is not pulling through any data to Airtable. The Make scenario is attached and is very simple; it Watches for items in Podio and then Creates Records in Airtable. I have set up the link between accounts a few ...

Dhiresh by 4 - Data Explorer
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Is it possible to see what's changed?

Hello Everyone,I would like to use Airtable to share order status with my teammates. Because the finished date or customers' requests often change, I need all members to follow up on the newest changed content.Though I can know when each project is c...

When a record matches conditions and DOES NOT update record

Hi all! New user here, trying to set up automations and failing miserably. Let's just say i have two columns: "Check" and "Status" that are both multiple-select:I'm trying to set up an automation that, when I change "Check" to approved, "Status" auto...

anaaraujo by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Getting record count in Gallery view after filtering

So I found no way to get the total record count when I am in Gallery view. I would especially like to get the count once I have applied any filter.In the "Full View" the status bar at the bottom does show total count. It also updates when a filter is...

VineetK3 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Merging records and retaining category data

I have a table with 1000 rows containing films information. I have a field called provider, which lists Netflix amazon prime etc. The issue is when a title is on both amazon and Netflix I end up with 2 rows. The provider field has their respective pr...

Total in colums and send email

 hi !! can someone help me? i need to send a email dayli, a greed whit total sales in determinate date, how i  can  get a total for each colums, and send in the email ? . 

for air table .png
16655008 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Sum of status

Hi! Does anyone know if there is a way to do a sum of each status?For instance I have 5 statusStatus 1 - 14Status 2 - 29I am trying to get a view or a script to be able to automate an email that shows how many items are in each status. thank you!!!

aday by 4 - Data Explorer
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