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Calculating scheduled delivery date based on creation date

Hello! I have to calcualte a scheduled delivery date field that adds time to the order date based on a combination of the number of pages and whether there is expedited processing or not.  I was able to get the formula to sort of work using IF and DA...

Screenshot at Mar 23 11-10-59.png Screenshot at Mar 23 11-12-54.png

Resolved! E-mail automations & timezones

I have an email automation running every day at a specific time.Is it possible with airtable to match the time the email is send to different timezones?Eg. the same e-mail is send at 2pm CET and 2pm ACT, etc Thanks  

jackline by 6 - Interface Innovator
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create automation to auto update workback schedule

Hello! I have an event workback schedule set up with a formula column to auto-generate a due date based on what date I specify in my date column (see ex. formula below). However, I would like to have the formula column auto-generate a list of due dat...

meg1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Recording a timestamp when a specific status is met

Is there a way to set up an automation so that the current date is recorded when a specific status is met. For example, When a project's "status" is changed from incomplete to complete, a date column would automatically fill with that day's date?

Resolved! Records in "Find Records" Automation have incorrect timecode

Hello!I'm using a daily "find records" automation to send out digest emails to my team. I display the records in a list or grid in the email, including their Start and End fields (the records are tasks).In my base, I've formatted both the Start and E...

AnitaHallberg by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Automatically fill a date field

I have a field that has stuff in it like this" 2023-02-09 Jeff Alexander Website"I'm using a formula to extract the date and the name so then I have fields that look like" 2023-02-09" and "Jeff Alexander Website"I want to make a calendar view of this...

jugglegood by 4 - Data Explorer
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Automation: Getting the most recent Rec using script

I'm in over my head.  I got ChatGPT to create this script for me, so ... I don't know if I've activated SkyNet or not.So I'm creating an automation, and I noticed that sometimes there are duplicate records, because the Webhook comes in and runs when ...

Milestone task auto update

Hey there! I'm trying to have a Next Milestone field automatically update. In my Projects records I have a "Next Milestone" field that I would like to automatically update to the next milestone "Task" as we move through the project. I'm currently try...

cvoith by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Create Google Calendar event time wrong

I had this working before, and someone messed with my automations. Searched but not finding the answer.I have two fields: Start, End.When a form is submitted, the automation is supposed to create a Google Calendar event with those times and I have th...

Angie_Hanna by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Automation: Create new record with today's date

Hi, I need some help in creating an automation. My goal is when I create a new record in my Projects tab, it automatically adds today's date in the "Date Created" column. I've been looking into using an update record automation or a TODAY() formula, ...

beczap by 4 - Data Explorer
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Send email at a (changing) future date

hi guys, is there a way to create an automation that sends an email at a date recorded in a base? the date is a future date and it changes depending on the record.

Mygrate by 4 - Data Explorer
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