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Retrieving the most recent date

Hello! I am creating a field for event attendees. I have each attendee's name, the events they attended, and the dates of the events they attended separated into 3 columns. I would like to make a fourth column that retrieves the most recent date each...

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ccody by 4 - Data Explorer
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Automation when DATE is Today - Change Time

I have a "Send an email" automation set up with the trigger "when {{Date field}} is one week from now."It's working great, except the emails are going out just after midnight. I'd prefer them to go around 9am. I have added a time to my date field, bu...

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sam-lsf-lst by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Automated Google Calendar End Date ends a day early

I have an automation set up to add an event to my google calendar. It is working fine except, the end date it shows on the calendar is showing up the day before it ends. I have the events with no time listed because i do not want a specific start and...

Resolved! Updating Status After Time Period

Hi, I have been having problems with this for weeks now and cannot understand why my automation is not working. I work for a company that runs an appointment based service. I book the date it  is for and the status of it. When I put in the info, it i...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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update item status when expiration_date < today()

Hi, I have an item status field the contains the values active, expired, and delete. in addition, I have another calculated field that contains the expiration date of the item. I want to set an automation that will run daily and change item status to...

almogw by 4 - Data Explorer
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Sort existing information by date & time

Hi! I have a large existing google sheets I am trying to organize into Airtable. I own an events agency that books out talent for hundreds of events each month. This is a living document that is updated every day by people who fill out our form to bo...

automated calendar in my form I don't have to keep updating

Hi,I have a Comedy Club and I use an Artist Availability form I made, so that the comics can pick and chose the dates they are available, 3 months at a time.Is there a way to have automate a calender so I don't have to keep making a new form every 3 ...

Tony_240 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Tag a record based on date range

I'd like to create an automation to "tag" each record based on the date it was created. I have a table in the same base (let's call it Table 2) with "Start Date" and "End Date" fields, plus a tag for that date range. So when the new record is created...

jimmydaly by 4 - Data Explorer
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