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Authentication error in Power BI

Hello,I connected AirTable to PowerBI. I'm getting the error below in PBI - unable to authenticated credentials. Everything I'm reading online says to use Anonymous, which I had been doing so not sure why I'm getting this error now. Any suggestions? 

alabaro by 1 - Visitor
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Slack Integration Always Fails- why?

I've been running into a frustrating issue, and there doesn't seem to be a clear solution based on the conversations I've had with the support team in the past.On the surface, it sounds simple: Slack can't (or won't) authorize the Airtable integratio...

Ash118 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Make scenario is successful but not pulling any data through

Hi, I have a Make scenario setup, but it is not pulling through any data to Airtable. The Make scenario is attached and is very simple; it Watches for items in Podio and then Creates Records in Airtable. I have set up the link between accounts a few ...

Dhiresh by 4 - Data Explorer
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Auto-Send Second Survey 6 Months after User Completes First Survey

Hi Airtable Community,Context: I started using Airtable 1 year ago and have gained familiarity with the basic functions (bases, integrations) but have not yet learned how to use Automations.Our organization is hoping to automatically send out a Volun...

luka-c by 4 - Data Explorer
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Get the body of a webhook's payload

I have an automation triggered by an incoming POST web hook.I do not have control over the format of this workbook however it send its content as a JSON whose structure can vary but at the top level contains a key "data" which is an array of objects ...

Zapier - API Key depreciation

Hello everyone With the recent news about API Key depreciation, does anyone know how to connect Zapier and Airtable without an API Key (on the Zapier side)? Now that it is not advised I'm not sure how else I can create the connection as Zapier limits...

Resolved! Slack Message sharing specific record link at the interface

Hi, community!I'm trying to create an automation that sends a Slack message sharing the record link directly at the interface, but I'm not being able to accomplish that.What I've tried:Using the Airtable Record URL: Unfortunately, when I use this URL...

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artysaka by 4 - Data Explorer
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AirTable to Wordpress so Painfull

Hello,Few years ago I automate AitTable to Wordpress using a Node-RED as a middleware code. The usage seems to me so obvious and basic :IF I update a line in AirTable I trigger an Automation (REST Request)THEN Node-RED will create or update a Wordpre...

Structuring data with automation and Chatgpt

I am currently working with a typeform that is used to gather information on families that want to register on our platform.This information dives straight into my Airtable, and I would like to use the learnings from these inputs to feed an LLM model...

Structuring Data with Chat GPT

Hi guys,I'm looking to use Slack + Airtable + Chat GPT to do the following:When a post is written in a travel slack channel in natural language, e.g. John Johnson writes "I will be in Genoa with Steve Marshall on 23rd/24th Feb and travel to Singapore...

8neil by 4 - Data Explorer
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new shopify order

hello every one,so i set my trigger on "When webhook received" (i receive a webhook for every new order in shopify) the problem is i wont to create a line on airtable for every line item and it has to contain all clients detail and product info relat...

Twilio call log auto write new logs

I'm trying to create a script automation that will write update call log data from a phone number pool to airtable. Here is my code so far. The problem that I'm having is that the script within the automation section doesn't support my envo. const Tw...

Google Calendar automation - attendees no nested options

Hi all,I'm trying to setup an automation that updates a record when an events is scheduled that matches users in the database to confirm that they scheduled and when. I can do this with Zapier but I'm trying to do it directly in Airtable.The main pro...

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AutoSort Linked records based on criteria in the linked table.

Hey-I will spell this out as simply as I can!I've got 2 tables.Event RequestsHostsTable 1 has a linked field titled Possible HostsThe Possible Hosts field contains records that are automatically linked via automation. [the automation basically finds ...