Share individual record URL but not all fields?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I've got a Base where each record is a person. I'm trying to create an automation that will share that record as a URL with each person (using their email address in one of the Fields), but not ALL the Fields in the record. I know I could manually create and send Shared Views that had the Fields I wanted, but this is hundreds of people, so I can't do it manually and I'm looking for a way to automate it.

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @altissiere

As far as I am aware there is no way to share the record URL with out at least allowing access to all fields on said record.

One way you can approach this is by setting up a record review interface that only displays the fields you are interested in sharing. You can then prefill the interface URL with the record id of that record, and your recipient will be dropped directly in that record. The only drawback with this is that your all recipients must have access to your interface or Airtable base. 

To prefill the formula, you will want to take the URL in your interface and at the end there should be "=recolXhkaiosa", what comes after the = is what will need to be replaced with recordID of the record you are interested in. 

If you recipients do not have access to your Airtable set up, I would recommend setting up an email automation that summarizes the fields of the record you are interested in sharing. These automations allow you to insert the record as a List or Grid and chose which fields from that record to share. 



I hope this helps! 




You can then prefill the interface URL with the record id of that record, and your recipient will be dropped directly in that record.

But you also need to lock down the interface so that the person cannot see other people's records. If you simply prefill the record picker, the person could remove the filter and then see everyone else's records.

Instead, if you want to use an interface, you need to have a user field where you indicate who has access to the record and then filter the interface records to only show the records of the current user.

However this usually isn't practical for hundreds of users, many of whom will not have Airtable accounts and do not want to create Airtable accounts.

There is no one single "record url". However, in general in order to view the record url that is available natively in an automation or by right-clicking the record, only users with access to the *entire base* can view that record.

If you have hundreds of users who will each need to see only only their own record, I recommend using a portal system that can create a url that only opens up the specific record without logging in and does not provide access to other records. Both MiniExtensions and Softr have this feature. Other portal systems do as well.