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Map marker as number, from field data

Im using the Maps extension and have that working properly. All my records plot nicely. The map marker pin/icon is somewhat adjustable in color, size, etc.Can I have the maker display a record number, instead of just a generic colored pin?I know that...

Create table based on existing records from a different table

New Airtable user here! not quite sure If I am out of my element, but I am looking to streamline a work operation to where our intake team receives a vehicle, and records are created for them to validate all of the parts from the vehicle, efficiently...

cwh8944 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Automated Matchmaking Email

Hi All,I'm attempting to create automations that 1) Pair members of Table A with members of Table B based on specific criteria, and 2) Send weekly digest emails separately to members of Table A with their paired members of Table B from the past week....

torrine19_0-1712112712293.png torrine19_1-1712112771154.png torrine19_2-1712112788196.png torrine19_3-1712112801431.png
torrine19 by 4 - Data Explorer
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How to make an unique email?

Hello everybody,For my personal knowledge, I want to create an automation to send emails in mass to the interlocutors but one email per person. I mean : 1) How do we automate to send an email to each of the freelancers? So in “To”, there will only be...

thomascope by 4 - Data Explorer
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Email to Case conversion for Client services

Hi, Wanted to check if airtable had automation enabled for email requests (sent by customers on a distribution list) received to be converted to a case/record for follow-up for client services?Need to check if the 'email to case' conversion capabilit...

Create Multiple linked records

Hello everyone!I'm new here, really could use some help. I would like to create multiple linked records in an easier or automatically way.I'm building a holiday calendar, the image below shows an example of what I seek. I need to fill in the city and...

melf by 4 - Data Explorer
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Finding Dates between Start/End

I have a tab within a table, the tab is called PTO. the PTO tab has two different views I am working between for this automation. The PTO tab as a whole is populated from forms that are submitted containing requests for time off from employees. This ...

bexxmill by 4 - Data Explorer
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View assigned history

Hello,I have a Database that includes a table of Users and a Table of inventory (Computers , Monitors, Docking stations and so on).All of our inventory is mapped by serial number.When I give the user a device I assign it to the Air table.I want to ha...

tombon101 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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