Create dates with time from a date without time

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all, 


I would like to create an automation that triggers when a new record is created. This record contains a field "date" without time. After the trigger, the action is to create multiple records with a field "date" with time. I would like to use the date from the record in the trigger and add a time afterwards.


- Trigger = new record created with a field Date equal to "22-05-2023"

- Action = Create 5 records, taking the date of the trigger, and adding time -> "22-05-2023 14:00" ; "22-05-2023 15:00", etc. 

I have tried to achieve this using a script in the automation but it doesn't work. Somehow the output in the script testing is correct, but the value displayed in the created records are wrong.. 

Any idea? 
Many thanks


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Hmm, besides double checking that the date value you're putting into the field is in the ISO 8601 format I'm not too sure either.  As a workaround, perhaps you could create 5 formula fields with "DATEADD()" instead, and use those values within the automation?