Create Email Automation that goes out at cheduled time

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All

I am looking to create an email automation where an email is sent out 30 minutes before the schedule meeting time. I have created a Date field that displays the date and time and named it Meeting Time. I'd like the email to be sent out 30 minutes before the Meeting Time. 

So far I have set up the automation to trigger when the record is updated and set the conditions as if Meeting time is Today but I don't know how to set a condition for the time. 

Is this possible?


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You can start Automation with "When record enters a view"


Than create an extra column with formula checking if it is yet the time when to send email? 


If 1 then yes, if 0 then no, 



Based on the above you can create view that filter out only "1"s . When a new row enters - this will trigger automation.

Note that from empirical testing it is not accurate exactly to a minute, so it might 1-3 min later.

If you really need 100% on time alert -> pushing dates to Google Calendar might be most visible solution.

Let me know if that helps?