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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone!

I use airtable to manage my business, a monthly subscription for football shirts, developed on woocommerce.
After each order from my customers, an entry is created describing the order in question (customer size, address and all the information needed to prepare the order).
The problem is that a customer who has a subscription for the year creates 12 independent entries for me, so I don't have the possibility of noting useful information and they remain on the customer in question, airtable and woocommerce don't consider the occurrence with this same customer.
Ideally, I'd like Mr Smith, who has a subscription for the year, to have a "file" that updates automatically thanks to the occurrence of the surname + first name + address so that I can note down all the particular requests or wishes of my customers month after month, with feedback on each of his requests.

Sorry for my horrible aglais, like a good Frenchman I use translation software

Thanks team!

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Ah, what you've mentioned is most of the solution actually.  Try this:
1. Create a new table called 'Customers' or something
2. Create a formula field in your original table that outputs text in the format you suggested of 'surname + first name + address'
3. Create a link field between the 'Customers' table'
4. Copy the values from the formula field from step 2 and paste them into the linked field from step 3

This'll create a new record in the 'Customers' table like you want.  You can now create an automation that'll copy the value from the formula field and paste it into the linked field automatically

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Is the note data you are managing on customers added in Woo and synced to Airtable? Or do you just manage it in Airtable? Having the "customers" table as @TheTimeSavingCo suggested is how I would approach it as well. I would use the contact email address as a unique identifier as that is unique in your customer data in Woo.