Create Record From Specific Info via Web Clipper

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4 - Data Explorer


I'm looking to parse specific information from a cigar website and create a record in my Airtable base.  An example of the website is here.  I'd like to extract the name of the cigar (Page Name?), the Description, all of the Specifications (i.e. Manufacturer, Strength, Shape, etc), and an image of the cigar.  And I'd like to do this without having to code and without having to manually highlight objects on the page to extract.

 I've watched videos that utilize the native AT Web Clipper, as well as a video that uses Data Fetchter + Parsehub.  The AT Web Clipper videos only show how to extract text from the page after highlighting, and the Data Fetcher/Parsehub video only creates more questions than it answers.

I'd like to replicate the functionality of food recipe apps like Paprika than can parse data from any recipe website (no matter the layout) and populate a record.

Any ideas?


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