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4 - Data Explorer


Thank you in advance for your help! 

I am trying to create separate records from a lookup field (the input variable) which in this example include the name Tom, Rose. The goal is to write these to new records however keep them linked to the "People" table by using the "Person" field. I am receiving a "cannot receive the provided value" error. I know it is an issue with the way I am writing to the linked record but I am pretty new to this so any help would be appreciated. Thank you! 

Checking the documentation it states that record links need to be in the following format, ive played around with this but do not quite understand how this would work in my case. What would the string be ?


Array<{ id: string }>




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From a quick glance could you try the following?
1. Could you change your input variables to display the record ID instead of the record name?
2. On line 15, change `"Person": id` to:

"Person": [{id: id}]

If you still hit issues you can also DM me a link to your base if you'd like