Creating a 'daily log' table for financial portfolio tracking

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey guys, 
Just signed up and exploring all the possibilities of Airtable.

What I need to do is create a chart tracking my financial portfolio performance over time (I doubt it's possible to create charts, so essentially a table with two columns - one with the day, one with the portfolio value - extracted from another table. 

Can the entry creation be automated?
So let's say every day at 6am, it creates a new entry for that day and takes the value of the portfolio at that time.

I hope it's clear.


Sun 24$10,250
Mo 25$10,480
Tue 26$9,880

Another option would be to have the days pre-populated (manually) for the whole month or year, and the automation would simply find the current day and write the portfolio value in the appropriate column next to it.

Beyond the chart visualisation, I'd then need to perform further operations on this table, like weekly/monthly performance, biggest drawdown, average projected annual growth etc.  

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You can set an automation to run everyday and create a new record (row). Create a field that is type Created Date, this will put today's date in there.

There are charts under the interfaces tab. Once you get your data view setup you should easily be able to make dynamic chart visualizations.