Creating a record due tomorrow, every day

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m new to Airtable (and just bad at coding in general), and I’m stuck on what I think must be a very simple problem.

Four days per week, I want to create a new record that is due tomorrow. As in, on Monday at noon, a task appear that is due Tuesday. On Tuesday, it’s due Wednesday, etc.

I’ve tried putting various formulas into my ‘Due Date’ field, but I keep getting a “Could not convert string to date” error.

I want to be able to add due dates manually for other tasks, I just want this specific task to have the due date automatically added.


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Hi @HomeStretch ,
You can use this formula to add one day to today.


Does that require the field to be a Formula field? It’s currently a Date field, and I’d like to keep it that way so that I can update it manually.

You cannot use a formula directly as an automation value. This, you must get the value of tomorrow’s date from somewhere else. Here are some possible sources

  • if your automation is triggered by a record, you can use a formula field that calculates tomorrow’s date
  • if your automation is run on a schedule, you can use the scheduled time, or the next scheduled time. However given that you want the automation to run on only some days, this might not work
  • You can use scripting to calculate tomorrow’s date and output if for use in a future step.