Creating Email Automation that specifies what changes have been made to the Airtable and When ?

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4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to automate my airtable to send an email to me and my coworkers anytime someone updates or changes data in any part of the table. However, I want the email to specify what columns or what parts of the table were changed. Is this possible?

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If you're talking about structual changes (field name changes, delete fields, etc), I don't think that's possible with Airtable natively

If you're talking about field data changes, you could technically create one automation per field?  You'd max out at 50 automations though

If you're looking to get a single automation to handle this, it's also possible but super tedious to set up.  You'd need a system that logged your current field data, compared it against the latest version, and displayed a report on which fields were changed