Creating Unique ID for one contact that has been pulled in from various data sources

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

So, I have contacts that have been pulled into Airtable from different sources (Active Campaign, Google Form, etc). Each data source is in it's own table and I have created a fourth table where I have pulled in EVERYONE using automations, lookups and roll ups. I have then grouped the view using email address and what I now have is a brilliant view of a single contact and how they are involved in our company. In my example below, I can see that she is a 'Puppy Handler' (pulled in from google docs data) and she has also subscribed to a few of our marketing emails (pulled in from activecampaign)... However, autonumber have given her 5 different ID numbers as she has a total of 5 entries within the base... is there anyway I can create a singe ID for her using her unique email address as the unique value???

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 22.17.38.png

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