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Automations Activity

Send table with dossiers related to each responsible person

Hello, I am trying to create an automation using the Repeating Group option but I can't get it to work.I have a main table where I keep records of customer files. Each record has a responsible party that is linked to another table called "Responsible...

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Automated reply to attached email

Hello....I need to automate a record when its status changes and reply to the original email (attached msg format into each record) to the sender with some editions. Has anyone tried this? 

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KJR by 4 - Data Explorer

how to create this payments table?

I want to create a tracking table for customer payment.Every month I check in the bank account who paid and mark in Excel.How can I create a table of all customers and mark for each customer whether he has paid or not?Is there an automation that can ...

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Troubleshoot bizarre automation error: Record doesn't exist

This one is puzzling me. I have an automation that watches for a field to be updated, which then updates another field on the same record. It mostly seems to work as I need it to. However, I keep getting errors that the automation has failed as it "d...

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