Delaying an Automation Based on Records Created from Forms

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I have records being created from users on a public form. These records involve Event Dates.

My email automation is using that Event Date to trigger reminder emails (1 week before the Event) and other triggers, like the day after the Event.

The only problem is these triggers are happening just after midnight, which is not ideal. I don’t want to send emails that late/early into the night. But that is when the records “show in view” using filters.

I can’t figure out a way to delay these automations, and, I can’t manually go in and adjust the time for each record since these are created from the users themselves through the form.

Any ideas??

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Could you use the trigger “at a scheduled time” instead? So, at a scheduled time (say, every day at 9 am), it would check to see if there are any records that match your conditions and then send the email?

I haven’t personally done this, but I think what it would look like is that your trigger is at a scheduled time, your first action is “find records” and your second action is “send email.”

The other option might be to assign a start day AND time to the event and use that to set up your views, but I’m not sure if that will work as intended.

That is possible, but it is not possible to send customized/personalized emails without using the trick that I demonstrate on this video podcast: