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The email was rejected by the mail provider

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Hello everyone! I have recently experienced this error with my automations is this something to do with gmail? It has been going on since today at 8:27 am (EST). Does anyone know anything about this?

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It’s back up and running now.

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Hi, I’ve been having issues using email automations as well. The automation says it ran, but no one is receiving any emails. We’re using gmail as well if that matters.

Hi, I’m also having this same issue. It says the automation ran but no emails have been received. I’m using the native “send email” option in the automation, sending to an MS exchange address

We are also using Gmail.

Same. Also using gmail. First time I am encountering this issue this morning.

Yeah, same. Everything has been running smoothly until a couple hours ago. Seems like something happened last night.

For anyone still having this issue: it’s a problem with mailgun, not airtable.

Here’s the status page for the fix:

It’s back up and running now.

Yep, glad they got it fixed!