Delete data in row from chosen columns every 24 hours

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I'm relatively new to Airtable, so please bear with me.

I have a list with four columns, two of which are for names and contact information and should remain unchanged. One column contains information for the day, and the other is a checkbox.

I would like to create an automation that clears these two columns every day. If the checkbox is checked, it should be unchecked, and if there is text in the information box, it should be emptied.

Is this possible, can anyone help me?

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Hey @Bobin , 

Yes you can set up the following automation: 

1. Use as a trigger the time intervals so you can run this process automatically every morning at 7 am

2. Add action find with condition the records you want to process in you update. Based on your description you could add all records from a view with no filters because you want to clear all records form your base. 😉 

3. Choose "Repeating group" so the next actions will run for each record from Find action. 

4. Create Update record by adding the following setting: 

* record id = > current item - record id

* long text => add it in the list of fields you want to update and just leave it empty 

* Check box => leave it unchecked. 


For any kind question please feel free to to text on airtable commuity 🙂 

Yours sincerely, 

Dimitris Goudis