Deleting Attachments via Automation

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello everyone. N00b alert!

In some cases I need to delete an attachment as part of an automated process, after it has been moved elsewhere.

I’ve read that you can delete an attachment just by overwriting the field with a blank value Erase all attachments from the attachment field in an instant

However this doesn’t seem to work for me. Instead, that action fails with the message ‘Field “Attachments” cannot accept the provided value: Invalid string.’

Am I missing something here or is this better suited for a scripting block?

Thanks for your insight!

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It works for me. Just leave the attachment field completely blank in your update record acrion:.


To remove the attachment,
set the value of the attachment field to null .

This is referring to creating a javascript, something else in Airtable.

As Scott said, dont put anything in the Attachments field, and the automation will overwrite it with blanks.