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Would appreciate feedback from the community. I've seen some posts about dependent drop-down lists, but all focused towards forms, so I'm going to post my question which is more of a grid-view use case.

I'm trying to set up a dependent (single-select) field based on an independent (single-select) data field. Specifically, I'm trying to set up an utomation for the accounting team so as for them being able to select a bank account No. from a list which is linked to the Bank (trying to avoid input erros in the "account no." or manually referencing / matching a "bank" to the "account no.") from where the transaction is being originated.

So my independent (single-select) field would be the Bank and the dependent (single-select) field would be the bank account No.. I want users to first select a bank and then be displayed the accounts in use for that bank.

I'd rather not have them select a "bank account No." and then use the lookup field to reference the Bank, just to keep things as simple for them as possible (easier to read the bank, than remember the account).


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Hmm this isn't easily doable I'm afraid; it'd take some setup and would be somewhat fragile after that I think.

What if you set up a table where each record is a single bank account number, and you format the primary field of that table to be `[Bank Name] - [Bank Account No]`?  This way your users can filter by the bank name and select the account number easily, which might solve your problem?

Thanks, Adam! Yeah, great idea; thanks for the work-around.