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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello all

Im setting up a euipment register off all the companies trucks, trailer, etc.

the first table will be have all assests/equp with rego, next service etc
the second table is used as form for staff to fill in every month or as isssues arise, with a comments field for staff to fill in any issues etc

we wanted to display on the first table the latest comment entered by staff

is this possible

any help would be appreciated



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Welcome to the community, @David_Short!

I’m assuming you’ve already created a linked record field between your two tables, so you can link multiple issues to each individual asset?

After that, Airtable makes the rest of the setup process unnecessarily complex:

First, you have to create a rollup field in your Assets table that points to the Date field in your Issues table. Use the formula MAX(values)

Then you have to go back into your Issues table and create a lookup field that looks up the rollup date field that you just created in your Assets table.

Then, while still in your Issues table, create a new formula field that compares the date of that particular record to the lookup field that you just created. If the 2 values match, then the formula should result in the Comments field for that record. (If the 2 values don’t match, it should result in nothing.)

Then, back in your Assets table, create a new lookup field that looks up the new formula field that you just created. That will show you your most recent comment.