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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi There!

I am using the new Conditional Actions in Automations. I have created an automation for our course registration base form that will send an email with all of the data the guidance counselors will need to register students. I created the automation to occur when a new registration form is submitted. I then am creating conditions that state when guidance counselor X is chosen and email goes to them. I have to do this for 113 district guidance counselors.

Is there any way to copy the email properties (the data that is being pulled) so that I do not have to create 101 more duplicates (Yes, I did 12 before saying this is crazy!). If I am going at this ALL wrong, any guidance you can provide will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Yes, it sounds like you are probably doing it wrong! Lol.

You will also hit up against Airtable’s limit of 25 automations soon, too.

Are you trying to insert each guidance counselor’s name and/or email address in the email? Is that why you’re duplicating so many times?

The way to accomplish this is to start with your registration form. The form should have a linked record field which enables people to choose their guidance counselor.

Then, in your registration form table, you’ll want to add one or more lookup fields to lookup the chosen counselor’s email address, along with any other information that you’ll need for your automation.

Assuming that you’re triggering your automation when a new form is submitted, you can just insert the email address, name, or whatever else you need from your registration form table.

Thanks for the response Scott!

I have a multi select field set up with all of the district counselors names for students to choose. That choice will trigger the email to go out only to that counselor. The data we want in the email is ALL of the data that was collected from the form. Because those counselors are not part of our school, I do not want them to have ANY access to the actual base, just send them the registration data.