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Email a class Roster to instructors once class is full

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In one base I've created tables of instructors, students, classes, locations and training dates and linked them.  I've automated signup genius to populate my students table when someone registers for a course.  I've set the total number or students for each class and a calculation of % of full.  When it reaches 100%, i have an automation update a record on the class page indicating it's full (although I'm not sure that's really necessary).  When that happens I want Airtable to email (through my Outlook) a roster of the students assigned to that "full class" to the two instructors associated with that particular "session" or individual class.  I cannot figure out how to do that. 

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If I were you, I would try to do the following:

In the automation that updates the record on the class page indicate it's full, get it to do a "Find Record" action to look for students registered for that class that's become full, and then send an Outlook email with the results of that "Find Record" action

Thank you Adam. I'll give that a shot.


Okay so I'm able to identify students in a full class and generate an email with the grid/roster of students but I'm unable to separate students in one full session from another full session although I did create a view that groups them by session number.  In short, I can have sortable generate an email that will contain ALL students in ALL full classes.  Still working to isolate the classes to the specific instructors assigned to the class. 

Hm, it seems like this should be something that can be done with the right conditions set in your Find Record action but I'm probably misunderstanding something about your base design

Any chance you could share some screenshots of your tables?  I also do free half hour calls and you can schedule something here if you'd like to hammer it out real quick