Auto link records if it's the same week and create new record in table

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4 - Data Explorer


I want to link 2 records if they are scheduled in the same week, and then create a new record in a table that stores those linked records. 

I also want the original 2 records to have the newly created records ID. 

My goal is to do the following: 

If two records are in the same week, create a record (let's say record A) in table X, then update those two records with record A's record ID# 

If anyone could show a visual example on how they would do this that would be highly appreciated as I work better with visual learning. 



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Hi Tina, only creating a record in Table X when two records are created in the same week is difficult without a script I'm afraid

You may want to settle on creating a record in Table X for every unique week number that happens for each year, and then use filters or some other logic to handle your use case.

For example, you could create a `Count` field in Table X, and in your original table create a lookup field that would only display the record ID of the record from Table X if the `Count` field had a value higher than or equals to 2

I'm not fully understanding what you mean, can you show a visual example of how you see this flowing?