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4 - Data Explorer

I have a form for inputting contact and basic account information for new sales (form 1) - when the form is submitted, it sends a survey that the customer needs to fill out (form 2).

Depending on one of the fields from form 1, form 2 can be one of five different form views (specific questions and information are pertinent to specific account types).

I currently have a nested IF function and hardcoded URLs for the five different forms - is there a way to make this connection dynamic instead?  Concern would be something like, if a sixth account type was created it breaks the workflow.

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If you need to have different forms, I’m afraid that you will need to hard code the different form URLs and update the formula if you develop a sixth form. 

However, if all of the forms are part of the same table, you could do one form with conditional fields. Prefill a single-select field that says which set of fields to use. There will still be some maintenance, and it might be just as complicated to maintain, but it also might be slightly easier.