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4 - Data Explorer

Okay so I am fairly new to automations with Airtable. I am needing to create emails that are triggered by a certain time for reminder notices and I need/want there to be an actual attachment within the email of the PDF Notice. I will even settle for an image of the notice within the body. I cannot seem to figure this out. Is there a way to do this? The picture shows where I get lost as to what it wants so maybe someone can make it make sense.

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When you use a "at scheduled time" trigger, there is no triggering record. Thus, you cannot include record data. Instead you need to tell your automation what record to use. You could include a "Find Records" action to find the record(s) with file you want to attach. Then you will be able to the file from the record.

Note that in the body of the email, you can include only a link to the file. And that link will either require someone to be logged into Airtable with access to the record, or the link will expire in a few hours. To actually include the file as an attachment, you will have to specify the attachment field in the attachment section of the email action.

My goal is to include the file as the attachment, how would I specify the attachment field in the attachment section of the email action? Thank you!