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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I want a specific person to receive an email when a record has been added to a view. I have it set up and it runs perfectly BUT most records are added a few hundred at a time. Is there a way to have the email go once after a data dump instead of for each 300+ records?

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Hm, you could:
1. Create a "Created time" field in your table
2. Create a new "Helper" table
3. Create a linked field between the original table and the Helper table
4. Create an automation that would link every new record from the original table to the same record in the Helper table
5. Create a rollup field in the "Helper" table that rollsup the "Created Time" field, with the formula "MAX(values)", which would get you the latest created time
6. Create a new formula field in the "Helper" table that would check if `NOW()` is 5 minutes after the date time value in the rollup field from the previous point
7. Create an automation that will send the email when the formula field from the previous point shows "True"

There'd be a 1-15 minute lag time before the automation runs after records were created, and this might lead to your base slowing down since there are so many records linked