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I try to embed a Google sheet Graphic into my base but found no solution by now.

As you may know, Google sheet allow to publish the charts created within a google sheet ( Save or publish your chart - Computer - Google Docs Editors Help


The fact is that I want to embed those charts into my airtable base because they are updates instantly and it could be a good way to keep up to date information into my base.

Do you know a way to do that ?

Thank you in advance for any hint !


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Welcome to the community, @Willy_Deslandes!

If you have a publicly-accessible link to your chart, you can use the link to embed the attachment into your Airtable base in an attachment field.

However, the trick here is that this can only be done by using Airtable’s API — you can’t manually copy & paste a link into Airtable.

You have access to Airtable’s API through a variety of ways:

  1. Create your own automation using Airtable’s native automations.
  2. Write your own Javascript script — triggered from Airtable’s native automations or the script extension.
  3. Use an API tool like (which has native integration with Airtable) or
  4. Use a low-code automation & integration tool like

#1 and #4 are the easiest, because they don’t require any knowledge of coding or APIs.

Actually, there are many ways to visualize external data in Airtable. Let’s start with the obvious.

  • Perhaps you could sync the data from Google Sheets into a table and use Airtable’s extension to plot the data.
  • You could write a Google Apps Script process that sends the data via an Airtable webhook and then plots the results in the charting extension. If you have really custom chart requirements, Airtable’s interface with Vega Lite may be useful.
  • You could use the Airtable Embed extension to publish your Google charts in about 1 minute.