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Example Script for Automations Mark Duplicates

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I’m trying to us the example script, and keep getting:
airtable recordid should be a string, not undefined
I am using the script as is, except I changed the table name on line 2.
I followed instructions on how to configure input variables using the left panel.
I added recordID field to my table, using the recordID function in formula field. When that didn’t work, I changed to a short text field, preserving the generated record ID values, but I still got this error. I’m out of ideas. Can someone help?

“TypeError: Invalid arguments passed to recordQueryResult.getRecord(recordId):
• recordId should be a string, not undefined”


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Accepted Solutions

Make sure the capitalization of the input variable matches what you’ve typed in the script, and try pulling the record ID directly and not from a calculated field value

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Do you actually have a variable in your script called recordId? I can’t really help diagnose what’s wrong without actually seeing the script in question.

Thank you!
I am using the example script - the only thing I changed in the table name in line 2. I made some changes to my table to add and rename the fields, with the names used in the script “Duplicate to” and “recordID”. Here is the code:

// the table to check

let table = base.getTable(“Form View Table”);

// the record we’re searching for duplicates of.

// we need to create a ‘recordId’ input variable connected to a record trigger

let config = input.config();

let recordId = config.recordId;

// the field to save duplicates in. this should be a self-linked record field

let duplicatesField = table.getField(“Duplicate of”);

// query the table and find our record according to its id:

let query = await table.selectRecordsAsync();

let record = query.getRecord(recordId);

// search for duplicates

let foundDuplicates = query.records.filter((potentialDuplicate) => {

// if they're the exact same record, they're not duplicates:

if (potentialDuplicate === record) {

    return false;


if ( === {

    // if the names match, we've found a duplicate:

    return true;


return false;


console.log(Found ${foundDuplicates.length} duplicates of ${});

// save the duplicates:

await table.updateRecordAsync(record, {

[]: foundDuplicates,


Did you set up your input config variable for recordId? You configure inputs to the left of the script editor.

Yes, I did configure the inputs on the left side. RecordID.


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Make sure the capitalization of the input variable matches what you’ve typed in the script, and try pulling the record ID directly and not from a calculated field value

Thank you. There was a discrepancy with the capitalization. Now it works.