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5 - Automation Enthusiast

AirTable customer service sent me here after saying they couldn’t re-create the error. Since last Tuesday, my automations to Facebook have been failing. They were working fine before, then they stopped. Twitter remains connected and the automations are fine. I changed nothing that would trigger this but here’s what I’ve done to try and resolve it.

1- Disconnect the Facebook account.
2- Reconnect the Facebook account.
3- Go to automations and select the Facebook account.
4- Select the Facebook page for the automation. Also note, I manage 4 pages. Only the one that I have previously used is showing up.
5- The selected Facebook page does not stay there.
6- I receive an error message about the automation.

Half the time the page doesn’t even show up, as seen in “Air Table- Refreshing the Page list.”

The error message I receive when running a test is: “Facebook reported an error while processing this action: The permissions for Airtable to use the configured Facebook Pages account have been revoked in the external service. Please re-create the external account and reconfigure this step to use the replacement external account.”

What am I missing in resolving this error?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m having the same problem.

Thank you for validating that it’s not just me, though I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing it as well. It’s very frustrating!

Sorry that I don’t have the answer, but you may want to try it with Integromat instead, to see if you can get it working over there.

Integromat is a no-code/low-code automation platform that has full support for Facebook and Airtable:


p.s. I am a professional Airtable consultant and a Registered Integromat Partner, and the Integromat links contain my personal referral code. If you have a budget for your project and you’d like to hire an expert consultant to help you with it, please feel free to contact me through my website at

Thank you! This project is solely volunteers and we pay for everything out of pocket, so unfortunately we don’t have much budget. We currently pay AirTable for automations, but if it’s not working by Saturday I’ll look at switching over and paying for Integromat instead. I’ll be sure to use this link if we move over there. I really appreciate knowing there are other options that integrate with both!

I’ve been searching for a solution for this too, same problem. I was surprised this week that it fired, so I’ve been trying to track down what I did different.

I ended up adding my account again and when Facebook asked me to sign in I noticed a remember me check box. I clicked that this time, it fired from the test and ended up firing again on its own.

The automation triggers again next Tuesday. I’ll try to remember to come back and let y’all know if it works again. I’m afraid to touch anything