Linked Date Record displaying Wrong Date/Time

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6 - Interface Innovator

I have a Client Table which links to an Appointment Table. The Primary field of the Appt Table is a date field. On the Client Table, I have an Appointment Lookup field which looks up Appts that fit certain parameters. I then have an automation setup which copies the Appointment Lookup field into a Linked Record field. These linked records are displaying the date/time as 7 hrs later than the correct date/time which is the name/primary field of the record (the lookup field also displays the date/time correctly). If I click on the linked record it expands the record and the name/date is correct.

It only seems to be happening with the automated links. If I create a separate linked record field and choose some appts manually, they display correctly.

So, it seems there is something in the automation, maybe having to do with a timezone setting (?) that I’m not sure how to fix.

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Datetime values—the internal values stored for a date field—are stored relative to GMT. By default a new date field will display the time relative to your local timezone, but all calculations performed on it are on the raw GMT-relative data, including (apparently) copying that value and inserting it somewhere else using an automation.

If all of the “other” places where that date needs to appear are read-only—meaning that you’re not performing further calculations on the date after its initial entry—then you could probably get away with formatting the date as text in a formula field using DATETIME_FORMAT()—making sure to also use SET_TIMEZONE() to control the timezone represented in the formatted output—then changing the setup to lookup that formula, which will leave the text unmodified when the automation copies it.