Fillout forms overrides customer information in airtable

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

We need to create individual customer forms that they fill out that populates their specific products. ( A filtered view that only displays their products.) I got the form to properly populate responses in our base to the respective customer.

The problem is that Fillout requires a unique record id that gets pasted in their grid view to populate that data correctly.  Because its connected to a base with all the customers, pasting a specific customer link will populate in the entire base, causing the form to override the last customers data. We have one base containing all of the customers, with individual grid views for specific customers. Pasting this link into a specific grid view will of course appear in the master grid view as well. 

What are my options? Does every customer need its own tab for fillout to link to? Or is there a way to paste Fillout record links to individual customer grid views without overriding the entire base? - powerful Airtable form builder 

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