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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello everybody,
Quick introduction i’m a beginner in Airtable and Bubble io, i have a bubble io website where clients write down their invoice linked to airtable, my project is that when i click on a button on Bubble io, Bubble Io creates a new line in Airtable in a table called “invoices” with informations the client just typed and previous informations already in Airtable linked to the current mission.

So here’s my issue :

I use a workflow to create a new record in Airtable, i link the data with an External API (for the data i already have in airtable) but when i link the already existing data composed of formulas 'in airtable (for example : Data 1 & " - " &{Data 2}*) the constraint is red and it doesn’t work.
When i initialized the Table in the Airtable plugin i specified that the formulas were a “text” data.
In the example under this post, you can see a screenshot, the red circle represent the data with a formula which i want to put in my new line, i simply want to take that data and insert it in my new table called “invoices” but i don’t know how.
The other “constraint” fields with already existing data works fine but they don’t have a formula in airtable, they are ust numbers or yes/no data

Thanks in advance !

Formule mission

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I‘m not familiar with, but I do know that Integromat has full support for Bubble. Integromat is a no-code/low-code platform that lets you communicate & automate data between Airtable and other platforms, such as Bubble:

This approach might be easier for you, since you don’t need to write any API code.

p.s. I am a professional Airtable consultant and a Registered Integromat Partner, and the Integromat link contains my personal referral code. I am available for hire to help anyone setup their Integromat scenarios to communicate with Airtable. My website is

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

My reading of the API documentation says that a Formula field type cannot be updated via API. I think this is why you are seeing correctly error out.

Do you have the option to instead send the individual components of what makes up the Mission field? In your example: Data1 & Data2

Once that data arrives at Airtable, then the formula will compute the value if you need it to return to eventually.