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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello, I have a simple question:

I want to insert tags automatically when a cell or multiple cells contain value under, or above a level or contain certain words on a different cell.

For example: if value is below 50%, insert tag(multi-select) “Low traffic”
or if the “Health Care” word is present in a cell, then insert the same multi-select tag cell “Animation”

Basically I want to auto tag my data. Do I have to create an automation for each tag?


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Nah. I think if I were you I’d have a formula field set up that would output text, and then I’d have a single automation that would paste the value of the formula field into the multiple select field

With reference to your examples above, I’d have:

  {value} < 50,
  "Low traffic,"
) & 
    "Health Care",

And so it’d output “Low Traffic, Animation,” if it met the criteria you’ve set above, and then the automation would paste it into the multiple select field