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GCalendar updates-delete event

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Hey all!

So I wanted to create an event, and CLEAR or DELETE the Google Calendar even when a checkbox/flag is clicked. This would be used when we cancel or reschedule but don’t want to delete the original entry.
Currently I have three automations:
These all work beautifully, but I wanted one more automation, unless the #2 could also update, but figured it’d be better to keep it separated as its own unique automation.
Any ideas? I don’t see an option “Delete Google Calendar Event”.


Sean L

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Yeah it didnt run. The Calendar ID needs to be entered in your make set up. I do not think it comes in from the previous step.

Go into you google calendar settings and you will see the calendar ID to copy.

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Hi @Sean_Lake1, will let you delete a google calendar item when an option is set in Airtable.

Hum. So no other way?
I have that “app” or whatever, but I have no idea how to even begin to set it up.


you wouldn’t know how to set that up, now would you? I see the big + and that’s about it. Not sure what is doing what :slightly_smiling_face:


In a nut shell, you press the + button to select a web service (Airtable), then you tell it what to do with that service (watch for new records in Airtable), then you press another + to add a second app (TikTok) and tell it what to do with the data from a previous service (create a new tiktok post). You can daisy chain actions and incorporate multiple services.

You will need to add your Airtable API key when you connect Make to Airtable, you can find this here: Sign in - Airtable

Re-reading your post, I may have misunderstood at first. Do you only want to delete the Airtable copy of the Google Calendar event and not delete the actual event in google calendar?

Actually, the idea is when a checkmark field is true, checkmark in airtable for an event, I need it to then delete said event FROM Gcalendar.

I have the api key set, but I wasn’t sure of the HOW to at that point, record I? Etc


Sean L

OK, then you will want to use Make to delete from Google Calendar.

I have my airtable base syncing with google calendar, I added two fields. A checkbox ‘Delete’ and a last modified time (on the delete field)


In Make, I add the Airtable connector and Watch Records.

Go to Airtable, select the Delete checkbox on a test record. Return to and run the scenario, this will pull in the data for that record in Airtable so that we can use it in the next step.

Then in add the Google Calendar connector to Delete an Event

Notice how I added the Event ID from the previous step.

I think checks your airtable every 15 min by default, you can adjust if needed.

Now when you check the Delete option in Airtable, with-in 15 min the Event will delete from Google Calendar.

Ok, so I got the first part. seems correct:
and then here’s in Airtable:

strong text

Here’s the Google calendar side:

But when I run it, I get:

It’s still showing in the calendar as of 15 minutes or so.

Did I miss something, perhaps the selection field?

Thanks for all that by the way.


Yeah it didnt run. The Calendar ID needs to be entered in your make set up. I do not think it comes in from the previous step.

Go into you google calendar settings and you will see the calendar ID to copy.

YES! That was it, just user idioto error LOL.

I was thinking it was asking for the ID from Airtable and not the actual Google Integrate Calendar info. Wow, ok.


Thanks so much!

Cool, now you have the basics of there are endless possibilities. You will need to set your scenario to ON for it to continually watch Airtable, be aware of how many operations you get in your Make plan and adjust the update frequency accordingly.

Thank you! I’m attempting to get full access, Enterprise perhaps. Crossing fingers as I can see how helpful this will be, bridging the gap of SO many of our programs, apps, etc.

I did however, get an email that the scenario was shut off due to errors? Do I need to UNCHECK those that are deleted now or?


I don’t know, you need to review the error messages that make sent you.

I’m guessing, ignore the RuntimeError would be fine, because obviously, after it’s been deleted, it’s not going to exist everytime the scenario processes, right?

Is there a checksum that can be add in there somewhere that checks for it already have been deleted?