Gmail automation attaching image in preview but not in sent email

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey my Gmail automation appears to be set up correctly with a publicly hosted web image that should send in the body of the text. It works in the preview but when I send the email it doesn't show. Could anyone point out where I'm going wrong please? The subject and body of text pulls from my airtable and sends in the actual email, then I use (<img src="image web address">) to attach the image (This does not send). Does this need to be configured in a particular way to send via Gmail that I'm missing? Cheers! 

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As a data point, I just tested using <img src="image web address"> for both a preview and an actual sent mail via the "Gmail: Send Email" action and they loaded up fine.  If you can provide your image's link I can try that out too if you'd like