Grid view, add button, trigger action, and send SMS

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4 - Data Explorer


I am studying Airtable, and wonder if this can be done.

Basically I have a Grid of data in Data. I want to present this data in Interface, either using selected columns or the whole lot of data.

I want to add a button to the right of each data row. 

Clicking on this button will trigger Automations. 

This automation will bring up a Lightbox (of something similar) so that the user can type in some text. The script will then inject the phone number (one of the columns) from the row selected into the text.

The Lightbox will have another button labelled "Send message". Clicking on this button will trigger a curl command and POST something to an external SMS gateway.

Is this possible at all?

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As far as I know the lightbox stuff isn't possible I'm afraid.  The closest workflow you could get would be perhaps creating a new field where your user can type in the text they want for the record in question, and then you'd have another formula field that would inject the phone number into that text the user typed in for that record

From there, having a button that, on click, will run a script and do a POST to an external SMS gateway is totally doable