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4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys, I really need help with setting up the search formula for my specific case. We have an attendees email column in Airtable, which each cell will includes multi emails, e.g. email1, email2, email3.

In the zap, I need to search certain email in this column, and find the right row, then read the other related info from the same row.

I used the FIND("{{94825201__hidden_email}}",{AttendeeEmails}) in the search formula in Zap, which works, but it doesn’t apply to find the exact same email, e.g (let’s say email A), and (let’s say email B), when searching B, the system will find A.

Then I changed the formula to FIND(", {{94825201__hidden_email}}",{AttendeeEmails}) , added ", " into, which can help to find e.g “, A”, but this doesn’t apply to the first email address, since there’s no ", " before it.

Does anyone have any idea about this will be very appreciated!

Another small question, does anyone have the idea to find the multi records/rows at the same time? (If the email address exists in multi rows)



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Writing search formulas in Zapier can be tricky. This support article explains how to do it:

BTW, I highly recommend Integromat over Zapier — not only does it have infinitely more functionality & flexibility & power than Zapier, but it’s also significantly less expensive and its search function is waaay easier than Zapier’s search. It is, hands down, the superior platform.