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I'd like to ask how many emails i can send through automation triggered send mail action.

I've read other posts and threads but i am still confused with the wording of Airtable.

it says I can send any number of emails to collaborators with verified emails.

and also i can send email to 100 unique non-collaborator email address per day.

In scenario, I send task notification email to "A" non-collaborator email address, and then sends task assigned email to "B", when "A" completes and changes the status, and if it sends completion email to both "A", and "B" then would it still count as 2 unique collaborator, and i still have 98 more unique non-collaborator email address room left?

Just want to clear up this before i start mailing stuff through the automation.


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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey, any particular reason why you'd want to use the 'send email' instead of 'send gmail' or any other messaging option? Unfortunately I can't answer the question you asked but will take the liberties to offer a solution anyway 🙈 The way I see the 'send email' is for newsletter-type mailouts, not the (in-house) comms you seem to be describing.. 🤷‍♀️ For prompt messages I would choose slack or whatever else you're using within the company or Gmail (if thats the account you use, or even create one 'fake' email address just for this on Gmail) as then the limits are completely different (and you're in control of them).. 

If this doesn't work for your case, I hope someone will answer the unique email addresses question you asked 😉 Take care, happy to dig deeper if needed

For now, I'm still using the airtable generated emails and hadn't encountered any problem yet, but I can take your advice and move to gmail if needed. Thanks for your consideration on this issue!