How can I pull tasks from another table with automation?

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Hey friends
I want to build a content plan for social media according to dates.
I have several tables for each platform:
1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. Tik Tok
4. Email marketing.
In each such table I have the topic (story, post, etc.), the upload date, the content itself and status.
I also have a master table that contain date, status, comments and also contain a Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and email marketing column (linked columns).

I want the main column in the master to be the date and actually when I write a certain date it knew to pull me to my linked columns what needs to be uploaded each day according to each platform.

For example, I will choose the date 05/18/2023 - it will automatically fill in the Facebook column what needs to be uploaded that day, in the Instagram column what needs to be uploaded that day, etc.
I tried to automate it but I'm completely lost 


I really appreciate the help!




thank you!

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi SoSimple!

It sounds like you want to pull in information from each of the tables into one master table, right?

I'd recommend first setting up one linked record column for each table (Facebook, Insta, etc) and setting up look up fields for the information you'd like to pull over from each.

From there, I'd set up a automation for each table, along these lines:

  • When a record is created in "Facebook"
    • Create record in "Master"
    • Add to the master facebook field the "airtable record ID" from Facebook

You'd do this for each table that you want to automatically pull information over from. Then you can sort by all that information together!

There are some other tricks you can do if you want to continue keeping the tables separate, though it might be easier in the long run to just consolidate into the one Master table and create a single select field in order to group by each platform. Then you could create different views for each and not have to worry about pulling all the info into one table automatically.

Hope that helps!

wow thanks

i spent so much time trying do the wrong thing

thank you for your help!